Breast Thermography
Specific protocol is required to establish accurate diagnostic imaging with infrared photography ...
Body Thermography
We provide thermographic imaging and analysis for upper body, lower body, full body, breast ...
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Full-Body Thermography

We provide thermographic imaging and analysis for upper body, lower body, full body, breast screening, and/or specific areas for specific needs. We do not promote full-body imaging for general health monitoring, and consider the recent fad of up-selling patients to full-body imaging as fraudulent and unethical practice often used as a sales tool for products and treatment, and this type of imaging has not had documented research, or approval by any regulatory body.

With digital infrared thermography, we observe skin temperatures. Inflammatory processes in the body can be observed scientifically with blood tests for a comparative analysis of treatment effectiveness. We see inflammation with thermography, but recommend blood testing for more specificity, particularly for organs and systems within the body.

Breast thermography is a particularly excellent screening process when done properly with a two-series cold-challenge protocol; we record and analyze specific temperatures in the first and second series, and before and after the cold challenge, and have a specific scoring system for analysis. The breasts benefit from thermography because they are a skin organ responsive to the environment, there are two of them for comparison, and the mammary vessel function is detectable in the nipples and areola temperatures, as well as comparing any spots of concern.

Thermography is also excellent for neuro-musculo-skeletal indications. See a list below of “Indications for a Thermographic Exam” that should be helpful.

Qualified thermographers will have been trained and credentialed by a certifying professional board (i.e. California Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Association). Training currently is often provided by a camera or software company, and certificates look authentic! Doctors (only MD’s, DC’s & DO’s can qualify as reading physicians with proper training), and technicians should have special training to provide thermographic imaging.

Thermography is a powerful diagnostic process when done properly; please use caution when choosing a provider.

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