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Dr. Claire O’Neill Speaking at Ocean Beach PEOPLE’S Market

Thursday January 25, 2018

ABC’s To Avoid Breast Cancer

Come meet Dr. Claire O’Neill of Clinical Thermography Associates, at Ocean Beach People’s Organic Foods Market. Where she will answer your Breast Health questions. Such as: What is the safest breast screening tool? How much radiation is in 1 mammogram series? Where are most breast cancers found? What is the primary cause of breast cancer? What’s in our environment and foods that can cause breast cancer? Clinical Breast Thermography can detect the first signs a cancer may be growing, up to 8 years, before any other screening devices.

Ocean Beach PEOPLE’S Organic Food Market
4765 Voltaire St. San Diego, CA 92107 – 619-224-1387

7:00 PM Thursday January 25, 2018
RSVP Call: 858-337-7963

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