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Patient Preparations

Pre-Imaging Instructions

We want your body temperature to be as neutral as possible for your thermographic exam, please comply with the following:

5 days prior to exam:
  • Avoid sunburn (natural or artificial) on front torso.


24 hours prior to exam:
  • Avoid physical manipulation, examination or compression of the breasts (clinical or self breast exams, mammogram or ultrasound).
  • Do not shave underarms or front torso.
  • No massage or use of TENS units on front torso.
  • No acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation.


6 hours prior to exam:
  • Take no pain (anti-inflammatory) medications, including aspirin. (Please inform the staff if you have taken medications, including blood pressure, alpha-blocker, circulation, anti-coagulant medicine, and aspirin or pain medication. Be sure to check with your doctor if changes to your schedule must be made.)
  • No hot/cold packs on area to be imaged.
  • Do not use lotions, powders, ointments, antiperspirants or deodorants after bathing. Please do not wear perfume.


2-3 hours prior to exam:
  • No bathing, exercising or eating (water only).
  • Wear loose clothing. You will be asked to remove jewelry in area to be imaged.
  • No smoking.


When nursing:
  • Please complete nursing 30 minutes before scheduled appointment, and do not bring your child into the office with you.


Young children:
  • Please bring a friend if you bring a child that will need supervision.


We look forward to seeing you. Thank you for observing the above instructions!

Download Patient Preparation & Health Guide

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